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In a world where first impressions can be vital to personal as well as professional success, a radiant, confident, youthful smile can take you far! Your dentist, Dr. John Chaves, is a leading expert in dental anti-aging techniques and has created some of the most fabulous, healthy smiles for men and women around the world for over seventeen years.
It is no secret that going to the dentist is not something one looks forward to. However, going to the dentist does not have to be a fearful experience anymore. We pride ourselves on transforming the dental experience by making your visit a pleasurable one.

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This procedure is more conservative yet a highly effective way to
dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence.This is one of the quickest and most dramatic way to renovate your smile, but can be used for minor repairs only, compared to a full crown.Veneers can make crooked teeth appear straight, and can make uneven
teeth match up; correct gaps and spaces between teeth, unsightly old fittings, and whiten yellow, discolored or permanently stained teeth.Porcelain Veneers are thin, semi-transparent, natural-looking sheets of porcelain, which are bonded over the surface of the teeth.Composite Veneer is constructed from composite material, which costsless than Porcelain.
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Dental implants are the perfect solution for people who have lost some or all of their teeth. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer a more permanent and convenient solution than traditional dentures or removable bridges.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement and is used in prosthetic dentistry. There are several types of dental implants; the most widely accepted and successful is the osseointegrated implant, based on the discovery by Swedish Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark that titanium can be successfully fused into bone when osteoblasts grow on and into the rough surface of the implanted titanium.

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van nuys dentist testimonialsThe warm and friendly efficiency of the practice makes it a welcome place to visit San Fernando Valley Dentist and the up-to-date equipment and professional know-how gives the patient a sense of confidence - fully justified by the more than competent service delivered by Dr. Chaves and his team. I would recommend the all round dental care at San Fernando Valley Dental Group to anyone
- Claire Justin

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studio city dentistStudio City Dentist is a premier full service dentistry practice conveniently located in Studio City , California . Studio City Cosmetic Dentists are a highly trained and creative team dedicated to giving their patients exceptional care with beautiful, natural-looking results that go beyond expectations.

At Studio City Dentist, we focus on creating star-quality s miles that help patients reach their personal appearance goals. We combine world-class training and unmatched experience to ensure that every patient achieves the gorgeous, healthy smile of their dreams. To learn more about the services provided at Studio City Dentist, or to schedule a consultation at our state-of-the-art office, please contact our cosmetic dentistry practice today.

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art of bringing you a beautiful, younger and more pleasing new smile - a smile that is sure to have a wonderfully positive impact on your overall health appearance and self-confidence! Studio City Dentist can help with all of your Cosmetic Dentistry needs.

Studio City Dentist specializes general dentistry work as well as: dental implants, periodontal surgery, veneers and lumineers, bone graft, gingival graft, dental implant reconstruction, dental hygiene and implant cosmetic dentistry. Restoring the health of teeth and gums is the science of periodontal disease therapy. The infection of the gums and supportive tissues surrounding the teeth (periodontal disease) can be controlled and in some cases even reversed. Working as a treatment team with your general Studio City dentist, we can help restore your mouth to a healthier condition and improve the chance of preserving your teeth.



Our expertise and attention to detail can be seen throughout our dental gallery. Each patient is treated with the utmost care and respect. Our work is extremely well planned out so that each operation is quick and as painless as possible.
Feel free to browse through our dental gallery and marvel at just how much a person can change with a great smile.
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studio city dentist

Dr. John ChavesDr. John Chaves has a passion for his work that is evident to all of his patients. He is committed to providing the finest and most cutting edge dental care available. Because of this, Dr. Chaves has invested much of his time in professional development. He is a director of ExperDent Centers of Dental Excellence,

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studio city dentist Some of Dr. John Chaves dedicated studies was on patient care, comfort and a unique focus on helping fearful patients overcome their anxieties so they can receive the treatment they need. This includes creating a spa-like experience, the use of the latest technology such as laser dentistry,

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You can trust the name Studio City Dentist to give you the perfect smile you want
Our Specialty is Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for patients in the Woodland Hills Area
Studio City Dentist, 5312 Comercio Lane, Suite A, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, 818-999-2707